The 8 Week SQL Challenge is proudly brought to you by the Data With Danny virtual data apprenticeship program!

About Me

I like to describe myself as a recovering data scientist, amateur cook, house plant caretaker and aspiring stand-up data comedian who simply loves helping others on their data journey.

My vision is to create my own little corner of the world/internet where everyone can feel supported and motivated to continue growing on their learning journey. I really put my heart and soul into this - so it really means a lot to me everytime I hear about the success and achievements of those who I’ve helped!

Contact Me

Please feel free to share your success stories with me and the rest of the community through social media - I am always here to celebrate your wins, and to help support you when you need it, you can count on me!

Thank you so much for being a part of all this and I really wish you the best of luck on your data journey.

Final Thoughts

The 8 Week SQL Challenge is proudly brought to you by me - Danny Ma and the Data With Danny virtual data apprenticeship program.

Students or anyone undertaking further studies are eligible for a $20USD student discount off the price of Serious SQL please send an email to support@datawithdanny.com from your education email or include information about your enrolment for a fast response!

We have a large student community active on the official DWD Discord server with regular live events, trainings and workshops available to all Data With Danny students, plus early discounted access to all future paid courses.

There are also opportunities for 1:1 mentoring, resume reviews, interview training and more from myself or others in the DWD Mentor Team.

From your friendly data mentor, Danny :)