Case Study #7 - Balanced Tree Clothing Co.

Danny Ma · July 2, 2021


Balanced Tree Clothing Company prides themselves on providing an optimised range of clothing and lifestyle wear for the modern adventurer!

Danny, the CEO of this trendy fashion company has asked you to assist the team’s merchandising teams analyse their sales performance and generate a basic financial report to share with the wider business.

Available Data

For this case study there is a total of 4 datasets for this case study - however you will only need to utilise 2 main tables to solve all of the regular questions, and the additional 2 tables are used only for the bonus challenge question!

Product Details

balanced_tree.product_details includes all information about the entire range that Balanced Clothing sells in their store.

product_id price product_name category_id segment_id style_id category_name segment_name style_name
c4a632 13 Navy Oversized Jeans - Womens 1 3 7 Womens Jeans Navy Oversized
e83aa3 32 Black Straight Jeans - Womens 1 3 8 Womens Jeans Black Straight
e31d39 10 Cream Relaxed Jeans - Womens 1 3 9 Womens Jeans Cream Relaxed
d5e9a6 23 Khaki Suit Jacket - Womens 1 4 10 Womens Jacket Khaki Suit
72f5d4 19 Indigo Rain Jacket - Womens 1 4 11 Womens Jacket Indigo Rain
9ec847 54 Grey Fashion Jacket - Womens 1 4 12 Womens Jacket Grey Fashion
5d267b 40 White Tee Shirt - Mens 2 5 13 Mens Shirt White Tee
c8d436 10 Teal Button Up Shirt - Mens 2 5 14 Mens Shirt Teal Button Up
2a2353 57 Blue Polo Shirt - Mens 2 5 15 Mens Shirt Blue Polo
f084eb 36 Navy Solid Socks - Mens 2 6 16 Mens Socks Navy Solid
b9a74d 17 White Striped Socks - Mens 2 6 17 Mens Socks White Striped
2feb6b 29 Pink Fluro Polkadot Socks - Mens 2 6 18 Mens Socks Pink Fluro Polkadot

Product Sales

balanced_tree.sales contains product level information for all the transactions made for Balanced Tree including quantity, price, percentage discount, member status, a transaction ID and also the transaction timestamp.

prod_id qty price discount member txn_id start_txn_time
c4a632 4 13 17 t 54f307 2021-02-13 01:59:43.296
5d267b 4 40 17 t 54f307 2021-02-13 01:59:43.296
b9a74d 4 17 17 t 54f307 2021-02-13 01:59:43.296
2feb6b 2 29 17 t 54f307 2021-02-13 01:59:43.296
c4a632 5 13 21 t 26cc98 2021-01-19 01:39:00.3456
e31d39 2 10 21 t 26cc98 2021-01-19 01:39:00.3456
72f5d4 3 19 21 t 26cc98 2021-01-19 01:39:00.3456
2a2353 3 57 21 t 26cc98 2021-01-19 01:39:00.3456
f084eb 3 36 21 t 26cc98 2021-01-19 01:39:00.3456
c4a632 1 13 21 f ef648d 2021-01-27 02:18:17.1648

Product Hierarcy & Product Price

Thes tables are used only for the bonus question where we will use them to recreate the balanced_tree.product_details table.


id parent_id level_text level_name
1   Womens Category
2   Mens Category
3 1 Jeans Segment
4 1 Jacket Segment
5 2 Shirt Segment
6 2 Socks Segment
7 3 Navy Oversized Style
8 3 Black Straight Style
9 3 Cream Relaxed Style
10 4 Khaki Suit Style
11 4 Indigo Rain Style
12 4 Grey Fashion Style
13 5 White Tee Style
14 5 Teal Button Up Style
15 5 Blue Polo Style
16 6 Navy Solid Style
17 6 White Striped Style
18 6 Pink Fluro Polkadot Style


id product_id price
7 c4a632 13
8 e83aa3 32
9 e31d39 10
10 d5e9a6 23
11 72f5d4 19
12 9ec847 54
13 5d267b 40
14 c8d436 10
15 2a2353 57
16 f084eb 36
17 b9a74d 17
18 2feb6b 29

Interactive SQL Instance

You can use the embedded DB Fiddle below to easily access these example datasets - this interactive session has everything you need to start solving these questions using SQL.

You can click on the Edit on DB Fiddle link on the top right hand corner of the embedded session below and it will take you to a fully functional SQL editor where you can write your own queries to analyse the data.

You can feel free to choose any SQL dialect you’d like to use, the existing Fiddle is using PostgreSQL 13 as default.

Serious SQL students will have access to the same relevant schema SQL and example solutions which they can use with their Docker setup from within the course player!

Case Study Questions

The following questions can be considered key business questions and metrics that the Balanced Tree team requires for their monthly reports.

Each question can be answered using a single query - but as you are writing the SQL to solve each individual problem, keep in mind how you would generate all of these metrics in a single SQL script which the Balanced Tree team can run each month.

High Level Sales Analysis

  1. What was the total quantity sold for all products?
  2. What is the total generated revenue for all products before discounts?
  3. What was the total discount amount for all products?

Transaction Analysis

  1. How many unique transactions were there?
  2. What is the average unique products purchased in each transaction?
  3. What are the 25th, 50th and 75th percentile values for the revenue per transaction?
  4. What is the average discount value per transaction?
  5. What is the percentage split of all transactions for members vs non-members?
  6. What is the average revenue for member transactions and non-member transactions?

Product Analysis

  1. What are the top 3 products by total revenue before discount?
  2. What is the total quantity, revenue and discount for each segment?
  3. What is the top selling product for each segment?
  4. What is the total quantity, revenue and discount for each category?
  5. What is the top selling product for each category?
  6. What is the percentage split of revenue by product for each segment?
  7. What is the percentage split of revenue by segment for each category?
  8. What is the percentage split of total revenue by category?
  9. What is the total transaction “penetration” for each product? (hint: penetration = number of transactions where at least 1 quantity of a product was purchased divided by total number of transactions)
  10. What is the most common combination of at least 1 quantity of any 3 products in a 1 single transaction?

Reporting Challenge

Write a single SQL script that combines all of the previous questions into a scheduled report that the Balanced Tree team can run at the beginning of each month to calculate the previous month’s values.

Imagine that the Chief Financial Officer (which is also Danny) has asked for all of these questions at the end of every month.

He first wants you to generate the data for January only - but then he also wants you to demonstrate that you can easily run the samne analysis for February without many changes (if at all).

Feel free to split up your final outputs into as many tables as you need - but be sure to explicitly reference which table outputs relate to which question for full marks :)

Bonus Challenge

Use a single SQL query to transform the product_hierarchy and product_prices datasets to the product_details table.

Hint: you may want to consider using a recursive CTE to solve this problem!


Sales, transactions and product exposure is always going to be a main objective for many data analysts and data scientists when working within a company that sells some type of product - Spoiler alert: nearly all companies will sell products!

Being able to navigate your way around a product hierarchy and understand the different levels of the structures as well as being able to join these details to sales related datasets will be super valuable for anyone wanting to work within a financial, customer or exploratory analytics capacity.

Hopefully these questions helped provide some exposure to the type of analysis we perform daily in these sorts of roles!

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Official Solutions

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Community Solutions

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